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Sakhalin hosting

ITSakhNet offers the full range of services on placement of the websites of any complexity. Convenient management, minimum costs. A hosting for Sakhalin, the Sakhalin region.

What is the Hosting?

In other words, it is the house for your website. And the house from your work is closer, the quicker you reach it. As well with the websites, the closer the website is located the quicker it works .

Our hosting is located in Russia, in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

What is necessary for start of the website?

Introducing part:

  1. First of all the Domain (domain name) is necessary. For example "" or "" (without www). Cost is about 535 rubles a year. Board annually;
  2. Further the Hosting i.e. where the website will work is necessary. Cost approximately from 600 rubles a year. Board annually;
  3. If you have nothing, then also development of the website is necessary. One-time operation and cost are from 25000 rubles.

Practical part:

  1. To register in a private office (billing) of a hosting;
  2. To pick up and register domain name;
  3. To select a suitable tariff plan;
  4. Or to call support service and will provide you complete consultation with setup of a hosting.

Types of a hosting:

Shared hosting

Is suitable for All

Low price

Everything is ready for work of the website

Does not demand profound technical knowledge

Free SSL certificate

Virtual server

For individual decisions

Installation of an operating system: FreeBSD, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.

Installation and software configuration with individual settings

The administrator for setup and maintenance is required

Dedicated server

For the high-loaded systems with a large number of connections

High cost

And also:

Registration of the domain

Registration of a domain name for your project

Ready business solutions

The server for 1c the Enterprise

Virtual work places

E-mail: Zimbra, Exchange 2016

Partner program

The partner program is 5% of payments of the clients registered on your referral link.